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Outplacement with personal guidance 

When an employee loses his job /or has been made redundant and has to search for another job, Carrièrepoort offers the tools to quickly and professionally find a new, suitable position. As a partner of Danone, Carrièrepoort supports outplacement and .

For HR Business Partners, this page offers the necessary tools to inform employees and to register them for an outplacement process. With the Dutch and English factsheets-  which you will find below the Downloads–  you can inform employees about the possibilities of outplacement via Carrièrepoort. Registration of the  employee for an outplacement process can be completed  via the Application procedure.


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Application criteria


The following employees can be registered for an outplacement program at Carrièrepoort:

  • Dutch employees who are searching for a  new position in the Netherlands.

  • Expats who live/work in the Netherlands and want to find a new position in the Netherlands.

  • Dutch employees abroad who are searching for a new job in the Netherlands.


Registration procedure


When an employee has become redundant and has signed a VSO, follow the steps below to register this person for an outplacement process:

  • Describe the  employee’s situation and his/her request for help during the outplacement process (for example; reorientation to the labor market, support for entrepreneurship).

  • Request a PO number for the employee.

  • Use the form below to register an employee for an outplacement program at Carrièrepoort. One of our senior coaches will then contact the employee concerned to schedule an intake interview.


Registration form

Educational background

Desired language for the outplacement process

Desired contact moment for intake / introduction

3 + 8 =

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