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Monique van der Hart| Senior Coach

Meet Monique van der Hart
Career coaching | Senior Coach | Outplacement | Communications adviser

Result-oriented, empathetic, intuitive, reliable, motivating

He who knows his destiny finds the way

Working area: Rotterdam & The Hague.

Sectors: IT, (semi) government and services

Specialties: Voice dialogue, Competency development, Communication training, Course research & self-management


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Who am I

I am a passionate career coach and communication advisor with a broad background in government and IT. I easily switch between organization-wide thinking and personal contact. Because of my work as an entrepreneur and communication consultant, I have both feet in practice; As a result, I have built up a large network and looked behind the scenes at many organizations.
I am very happy to use this knowledge and experience for my clients.
With a Dutch father and Indian mother, I was bilingual and partly raised in India. Raised in Noord Brabant (Eindhoven), I moved to Rotterdam for my HEAO marketing study. ‘Don’t talk, but brush’ and ‘what you see is what you get’ seems to suit me well, because I still enjoy living there. Together with my 11 year old daughter and our Frisian Stabij.
I believe that if you do what suits you, you will be happier and more successful in all aspects of your life. I like to stimulate someone to get the best out of themselves and to discover where someone else’s talents lie. And also how these talents can be optimally used, both at work and privately. To contribute to someone’s happiness and success in the workplace in this way is a wonderful thing to do.





How do I work

As a career coach and communication advisor I combine a lot of practical experience with a pragmatic approach. During an intake interview I usually quickly get to the heart of the question.
I do this by putting the other person at ease, asking the right questions and listening carefully.
I also feel whether someone wants to move forward quickly to the next job or needs time to put everything in order. For example, because something has to be processed first or because the ‘next step’ is not yet clear. Together we will discuss which follow-up process is most appropriate. I make a proposal.
In the follow-up sessions I zoom in on someone’s strengths, wishes and possibilities. Inspiration, motivation, goal orientation and especially confidence are important ingredients of the follow-up process.
Within a few sessions it is clear where the opportunities lie and how they can be capitalized on. I look at new challenges and bring the other person into contact with useful and important people. Until that new suitable position with good prospects and a nice reward is in the pocket.



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